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Complies with the requirements TR TS 021/ 2011, TU 10.89.19-003-10984397-2017


Rye malt extract


Expiry date: 12 month from the production date without breakage of the package.


  • Drinking water
  • Fermented rye malt
  • Barley malt for brewing


  • It is used as raw material for production of drinks at industrial and catering enterprises, as well as in brewing.


Storage conditions:

At temperature not lower than minus 40ºС and not higher than 30ºС. In clean, well ventilated premises, free of any foreign smell and not contaminated by the grain storage pests.


By all kinds of transport, in the truck tanks according to the rules of carriage applicable for the given kind of transport

Truck tanks

16-22 T


14 kg

Spirally wound fiber drum

60, 70 kg

Plastic barrel

80, 250 kg

Steel barrel

250 kg

Food-grade cube tank (intermediate bulk container))

1250 kg

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