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About the factory

Kostroma factory of starch and molasses is leading the Russian market

The factory was founded in 1878. It has the richest experience in processing of rye and corn flour, malts and potatoes. Currently the factory is specialized in manufacturing and sales of high-quality and safe products.

140 / years

Our factory works dependably, saving and transmitting traditions of taste and quality.

7 500 / tons

Of finished products are produced annually by our factory, processing over 4000 tons of grains from Russian agricultural producers.

30 / regions of RF

Acknowledge high quality of our product remaining our partners for many years.

Compliance with standards

We create natural, tasty, safe products in our branch

Continuity of generations

We maintain and transmit traditions of quality and culture of producing

Optimal combination of taste and quality

We develop the assortment and improve recipes

Partner relationships

We build long-lasting, reliable and open relationships with our partners

Production experience

Extensive production experience opens new opportunities, which we aim to share

We optimize the process
of beer and kvass brewing

Our production capacities are intended for constant work. We increase efficiency of the factory and optimize processes

We increase efficiency of your company

Our experts will help you optimize production processes and get a prominent result

We help to launch new drinks and improve taste

We launch new developments, in the course of which we improve flavors and create new products